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Medium Volume Particulate Sampler   URG-3000ABC

The URG Medium Volume Particulate Sampler allows for simultaneous measurements of a variety of air quality parameters. This sampler collects four PM-2.5 and four PM-10 samples simultaneously and the flow on all eight channels is controlled by critical orifices. The enclosure is designed to accommodate additional sampling components such as annular denuders and PUF samplers, making it ideal for many sampling scenarios.


Measurement Capabilities

  • Can Collect Multiple PM-2.5 and PM-10 Samples Simultaneously
  • Eight Flow Rates Controlled by Critical Orifices
  • Enclosure has Sufficient Space for Multiple Sampling Configurations Including Annular Denuders, Filter Holders and PUF Samplers


  • 66Lpm Total Flow Rate
  • Available as 115VAC or 220VAC
  • Circle Timer for On/Off Settings
  • Vaned Vacuum Pump Capable of 16" Vacuum at 66Lpm
  • Resettable Elapsed Timer
  • Total Vacuum Gauge


  • Weather-tight Alumnium Enclosure:
      • 24" x 20" x 12" (70 x 50.8 x 30.5 cm)
      • 20 lb (9.1 kg)

Ordering Information

  • URG-3000ABC: Medium Volume PM-2.5 and PM-10 Particulate Sampler

internal view