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Personal Pesticide Sampling

This unit attaches to a sampling pump with tubing of suitable material. It separates fine particles from coarse particles by impaction of the latter on an oiled coarse plate. The purpose of this size selective inlet is to collect only respirable particles and vapors. Pesticides, PAH's and other semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds are collected on the PUF. Trace metals, cations and anions are collected on a Tissuquartz™ filter. The filter can be analyzed for trace metals using Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) non-destructive method. Anions and cations are analyzed by Ion Chromatography (IC). The Tissuquartz™ filter can be analyzed for carbon using the Thermal/Optical method based on NIOSH 5040, and for semi-volatile and condensable organics using GC/FID/MS methods (see EPA-600-4-89-017).pps open

Measurement Capabilities

  • ASTM Standard 4861 Reads "7.1.6. A size-selective impactor inlet with an average particle-size cut-point of 2.5µm mean diameter at a sampling rate of 4Lpm may be used to exclude non-respirable airborne particulate matter (9)."

  • ASTM Standard 4947

  • USEPA Method TO-10

  • Collects Pesticides, PAHs and Other Semi-Volatile Compounds

  • Designed for 25mm Filter Media

  • PUF Encased in Glass Holder for Easy Removal

  • Impactor Removable for Easy Cleaning

  • Wearable


  • 35mm Outer Diameter
  • 160mm Overall Length
  • 3.4 oz

Ordering Information

  • URG-2000-25A: 4Lpm, 2.5µm (shown)
  • URG-2000-25AA: 4Lpm, 1.0µm
  • URG-2000-25AB: 4Lpm, 10.0µm
  • URG-2000-25AG: 2Lpm, 2.5µm
  • URG-2000-25AF: 2Lpm, 1.0µm
  • URG-2000-25AH: 2Lpm, 10.0µm