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Human Biomarker Studies

A Teflon® filter is recommended for collecting trace metals, cations and anions. This should be followed by a Nylon filter to capture any HNO3 formed from the dissociation of NH4NO3 particles originally on the Teflon® filter.

An optional third filter, a citric acid-impregnated Whatman® filter can be used to collect any ammonia (NH3) that forms from the dissociation of NH4NO3. For more accurate particle measurement, two denuders can be used to remove gases that can be absorbed.

The URG-2000-15T features a Resin Chamber for collection of secondary vapor phase analyses. All sections of the samplers are interchangeable and utilize sealing plugs for storage of collected analyses directly within the samplers section. Additionally, a three or more stage filter pack is used for Particle Sampling.



  • For Measuring Fine Particles, Semi-Volatiles, Metals and PAHs
  • Lightweight, Modular
  • 200mm Overall Length

Ordering Information

  • 1.5Lpm, 2.5µm
  • 1.7Lpm, 2.5µm
  • 2Lpm, 2.5µm