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Teflon© Coated Aluminum Cyclones

URG's complete collection of aluminum cyclone inlets are Teflon© coated, a patented process that minimizes the losses of reactive gases such as HNO3 and NH3 to the internal surfaces of the cyclone.  Below is a selection of the Teflon© coated cyclones that URG offers.

URG-2000-30EHB URG-2000-30ED URG-2000-30EQ URG-2000-30EN URG-2000-30EH URG-2000-30EG URG-2000-30EC URG-2000-30ENB URG-2000-30EA


URG-2000-30EHB  |  URG-2000-30ED  |  URG-2000-30EQ  |  URG-2000-30EN  |  URG-2000-30EH  |  URG-2000-30EG  |  URG-2000-30EC  |  URG-2000-30ENB  |  URG-2000-30EA